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Sydney’s Opal Tower: What We Know So Far

The much-publicised Opal Tower saga now enters its fifth week of uncertainty with 105 of...

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Opal Tower effect to hit Sydney’s new apartments as negativity reigns in housing market

Property analysts are predicting the Opal Tower effect to hit the value of Sydney's off-the-plan...

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Chinese buyers more concerned about falling prices than Opal Tower problems

The problems at Opal are not fazing Chinese and foreign buyers, but they are turning away from the...

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Banks won’t lend for Opal Tower apartment buy as 16pc loss is estimated

Owners of apartments in the Opal Tower at Olympic Park in Sydney may have to wait at least two...

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Opal Tower evacuation to last longer than 10 days: residents mull class action

Opal Tower residents will likely stay out of their homes for more than the 10 days builder Icon...

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Sydney’s Opal Tower: NSW orders probe after ‘cracking’, evacuation of residents

The NSW planning department has started a probe into developer Ecove's Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic...

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Sydney residents flee ‘cracking’ Olympic Park apartment building

Residents called emergency services on Monday afternoon following reports residents heard...

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Sunland Lodges Plans for $90m Gold Coast Tower

Developer Sunland Group has lodged a new development application with the Gold Coast City...

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